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Call 24hr NSW Domestic Violence Line on 1800 65 64 63

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What difference can your gift make to women and children at their most vulnerable time? Please consider our clients’ voices and give generously before 30th June so we can continue our support.

At Mary’s House Services, we provide immediate critical care, safety, and shelter, and then access to legal and financial services and support to women and families who are victim-survivors of domestic and family violence.

We rely entirely on you, and our wider community for donations, because we receive no government funds to provide our services.

In 2020, our Daisy Centre was opened to provide outreach services, a safe place for more women to enrol in a range of programs and clinics for recovery and safety. Some Daisy Centre clients are in the earliest stages of making the courageous move to leave an abuser and some have left a dangerous relationship.

Driven by the overwhelming demand for support services in a region lacking enough government support, we continue to offer these outreach services which have now become an essential part of the northern suburbs’ support system for domestic violence survivors.

Will you help Mary’s House Services today please, with a generous donation?

It’s important to us that you know that the demand for domestic violence services from our immediate community has surged, and all operating costs have exponentially increased – Mary’s House Services can only sustain its current level of service if I can inspire you today to continue providing financial support via your tax-deductible donation. You might even consider agreeing to become one of our cherished regular givers.

“When you are trying to survive… you’re needless and worthless and so you don’t ask for help. So, receiving help without asking is really rare. And I had nothing to give, which is why I want to help (Mary’s House) now.”

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Listen to the client voices from Mary’s House Services

The voices in this digital clip may upset some viewers, listeners – they are real. Domestic violence survivors recorded these thoughts some time ago – they were safe at the time and remain safe. Participation was managed in a trauma-sensitive way, with full permission for our use to tell their story.
“What was fantastic for me that there was finally an organisation who just looked at me as a being as a human who needs help.”
“The difference was that you talk to one person, and they help you out, they don’t give you numbers and call here, call there, call here, call there. Because in reality you don’t have the mental capacity to do that. You don’t have the space to do it. You don’t have the energy to do it. So the fact that it comes as a kind of a full package, I dare to say that just takes so much weight off your shoulders.”
“I’ll never forget the feeling… the first time I was returning from work to my new home, temporary home and Mary’s House. And I was sitting on the train, and I was thinking. I am going back home without any fear and that was the first time when I opened the door and I thought there was just peace.”

At Mary's House Services, we provide immediate critical care, safety, and shelter, and then access to legal and financial services and support, plus evidence-based therapeutic and wellbeing programs to women with varying and complex needs.

Tax time and charitable giving are natural partners – please consider upcoming July 1 tax changes which may make it especially advantageous to make your generous gift, either personally or via your tax effective giving structure before 30 June.
We rely on your compassion and your determination to ensure we can continue saving lives and giving hope to women and children in our community.

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Please email your name and phone number to donations@maryshouse.org.au so we can send you your tax-deductible receipt.