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Judy Cotton & Janice Gibson

Mary's House Volunteers Bulletin

(Photo: Judy Cotton - NSWBA Company Secretary and her sister Janice Gibson - Volunteer coordinator)

September, 2016

I’m proud to say our community has shown they are unarguably completely and loudly supportive of Mary’s House. What a win for the Volunteers Team! We have received about 60 completed volunteer’s application forms.

Already we have training programs in place with Lifeline and very shortly there will be signup rostering available so that volunteers can nominate on-line the date and time they wish to volunteer for a particular task.

We strongly believe that the success of Mary’s House will be largely dependent on the strength of our volunteer workforce. Based on support we’ve received, we have every reason to believe our strategy will deliver precisely what it needs to; to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every resident of Mary’s House no matter their circumstance.

We have articulated various volunteer roles and have been astounded by the response from all walks of life including professionals, retirees, full time workers who somehow will make time, school students and many who have in some shape or form been exposed to domestic violence themselves and wish to lend hope and inspiration to those currently dealing with the complicated reality. 

We very much look forward to delivering our next update which will give you an idea of how the first weeks unfolded.

Janice Gibson
Volunteer Coordinator

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