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Mary's House Volunteers Bulletin

Significant developments with North Sydney council this week and the much needed renovation is expected to commence in March. What a breakthrough!!!!

February, 2016


We have successfully secured the funds required for the renovation and on this happy note, another thanks goes to all of you who have contributed so far. The operating costs however, to the tune of approximately $200,000 for the first year, remain outstanding. Our plans to help us unearth this amount include continuing to apply for community grants and local funding but also to hold small private lunches and dinners for individuals who may pitch in with significant donations. Such occasions involve tours of the house and an up to date reporting on the current progress of Marys House, together with a QandA on all things related e.g. the current state of services and resources for Domestic and Family Violence. We hope to engage with like minded people who have practical or financial capacity and wish to contribute. The lunches commence this week and the dinners will commence in April. If you have ideas on how YOU can contribute to fundraising please let us know! 


Currently we are searching for these 3 special groups. 

a) Event Managers and worker bees for 3 fundraising dinners to be held in April. Tasks will involve setting up the designated venue for a private dinner party of up to 25 people and to be willing to get involved with all areas of set up and catering, even cooking, to help us get the outstanding revenues required to open the doors. Any worker bees or people with catering experience out there?

b) Longer Term Fund Raising Coordinator/s who will take responsibility for follow up of offers to donate to Mary’s House. For example if some good person contacts us to say I’m planning to sell some furniture and Id like to donate the proceeds to Mary’s House, or I’m doing a fundraiser at school and we’d like to raise money for Mary’s House, we need a dedicated person/s to work with these offers and ensure smooth operations.

c) Networkers within North Sydney. We are currently seeking connected people who can introduce our Steering Committee to corporations in the local area, to propose that we work with them to raise awareness of Mary’s House and naturally, to assist with our fund raising requirements.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Please reply to either: 
or Liz Mackinlay from our Steering Committee

Kind Regards,
Janice Gibson
Mary’s House Volunteers, Secretary

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