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Banna Foundation

Anna and Bernard Chan

Anna and Bernard Chan have left quite some legacy!

Their descendants through the Banna Foundation are great advocates for giving back to the community and Mary’s House is a recipient of their largesse.

The Foundation is linked to its operating business, the Banna Property Group ( which owns and manages its own portfolio of commercial property, mostly smaller shopping centres.

The Banna Foundation was set up as a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) in January 2015 to represent the descendants of Bernard & Anna Chan (currently into the fifth generation). Bernard & Anna were great advocates for giving back to the community. 

Their granddaughter, Amanda Bromby says;

‘The Banna Foundation recognises an urgent need for safe accommodation for women and their children escaping from domestic violence in Sydney.

‘We were shocked to learn how many women seeking shelter are turned away. We’ve seen first-hand how a community has created a safe, comfortable shelter, and a support network to enable the women to hope for a better future. Independent of the government, there are no other shelters like it on the north shore.

‘We want to see it grow, because all women are deserving.’

On behalf of the women and children of Mary’s House, thank you Amanda, and all of the family at Banna Foundation.

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