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Molly's song

My name is Molly and I am in Year 10 at Monte Sant' Angelo. This year I am completing my Personal Project under my chosen topic of Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence. I think it would be nice for people in my community to gain a better understanding of how real these situations can be considering how local it is.

For this project I have written my own song and created a video supporting the cause but I would like to further the use of my product and set up a fundraiser to get my school and home community involved in supporting victims of domestic violence.

I had my friend film it and recorded it myself so the quality isn't quite professional but I hope you like it. 

Here is link:

If you would like to donate, here is my fundraising page. And some of the lyrics of the song are below.


By Molly

I’m just a girl in a whole big world
I’m bounded by a broken love, to have and hold you
Beaten bruised, scarred but I’ve nowhere else


You broke me, I’m hanging on the last piece of thread
Haunted by the sound of keys, dread and fear it locks me in. I cannot run, I cannot hide
I felt I was a prisoner in my own home,
You said to me in my white dress, you’d love me eternally
But dreams just don’t come true 


Then the day it finally came, I was able to run away
Save my son from you, because he means more than you
I’m still scared you’ll come find me now, but I’m surrounded by a loving crowd who help me start anew
Can a woman still love a man when your love is powered by his hands?
Truth is there’s no flower when it’s strangled by the thorns


I’m better now without you, despite what you said. I’m better

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