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Mama Creatives

Artwork for Mary's House

There was much love and community support that enabled Mary’s House to open, and continues to keep us functioning.

A great deal of thought was put to how the house should be decorated, including the art work, acknowledging that the look and feel of the House was an important contributor to our residents feeling safe, secure and cared for.

This short film, produced by Rosalie Whitington, features artists Louise Trevitt, Yaeli Ohana and Jade Oakley who produced artwork, poems and hanging mobiles for every room of the House.

It was the brainchild of Mama Creative’s Anna Kellerman and Our Big Kitchen in Bondi's Deb Meyers. These two passionate and socially minded women saw an opportunity for these wonderful artists from the Mama Creatives communiy to mobilise members of the Jewish and Bondi community in support of Mary's House.  The results are beautiful, inspiring and a testament to the artists vision of "Creating Sanctuary".

Our Big Kitchen produces food for refuges across Sydney and is passionate about community involvement and using food to connect and empower people.  Mama Creatives is like TED for mums.  

The overall premise is about building a supportive and collaborative community for creative mothers to connect, share, collaborate and flourish.

M House ONLINE LOWREZ KatRollings 0004 003

Louise Trevitt

Mobile close shot 003

Jade Oakley

I fly my kite 003

Yaeli Ohana

Photos by Kat Rollings.

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