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Renovations works are nearing completion

(Photo: Key handover - Jacqueline Leonard, with construction project manager, Fiona Pollack)

Renovations works are nearing completion and we are getting ready for the final tasks associated with this great project.

We have come a long way...

Outside, we have transformed the house, landscaping and enlarging the play area, guttering and plumbing repairs and resolving our accessibility requirements to enable the house to be suitable for all our potential residents.

Inside, we combined two small rooms to make a sizeable kitchen/ dining room and a clever eating nook for kids.

We've installed sprinklers and fire detection systems, upgraded the security, upgraded the existing bathroom and created a new accessible one. 

We’ve also managed to fit a new laundry.

The house is fully re-carpeted and painted with new built-in bedroom furniture, a study area and office adjacent to the TV room.

The last task will be the installation of all the beautiful and professionally completed art works and mobiles which have been made especially for the house.

Fiona Pollack,

Mary’s House construction project manager

August, 2016

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