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Rotary Tree of Joy

Our Extended Family – Rotary Clubs of Chatswood

Mary’s House is very privileged to have a large community supporting us. In fact we could not deliver the service we provide without this community. We like to think of this as “our extended family”. This quarter we introduce you to a valuable member of this family – the Rotary Clubs of Chatswood (encompassing Chatswood, Chatswood Sunrise, Crows Nest and Roseville Chase).

For the third year running the Rotary Clubs of Chatswood have supported Mary’s House through the Tree of Joy. This is an amazing initiative which has been running now since 2002. It requires an enormous amount of effort and the logistics are mind blowing. With the support of the community, over the six weeks prior to Christmas, Rotary collect over 4000 gifts from a number of trees (in Chatswood Chase, at Castle Cove Public School and Family Chiropractic to name a few)  to distribute to more than 15 charities.

Without the support of local businesses to display the trees and the community to provide the gifts, many would miss out at Christmas!

As in previous years, Mary’s House has been the grateful recipient of a wide range of gift cards that will not only be used at Christmas but throughout the year as our residents have a need. Many thanks to all who participated in this event.  

Tree of Joy -2
Tree of Joy -3
Tree of Joy -4
Tree of Joy -5
Tree of Joy -6
Tree of Joy -7
Tree of Joy -8
Tree of Joy -9
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Tree of Joy -12

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