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Barbara and Sarah, Marys House walkers

Families Walking for Mary’s House Families

A big thank you to all who braved the elements on Sunday 14 October to walk from Milson’s Point to Rosebay to support our Mary’s House families.

Mark Ferguson and Trent Zimmerman kicked off the day and as we started, the clouds gave way to finally reveal a few rays of sunshine! The blue bandanas weaved their way over the bridge, through Potts Point and on to the BBQ waiting for us at Rosebay. Thank you to our partners, the Mater Hospital for providing such a yummy sausage sizzle to finish the morning.

We had many families walking, a few dogs out for the day and a couple of contenders for “oldest person walking for Mary’s House”. Barbara, 80 years young, and her daughter Sarah were very pleased to complete the walk, whilst Jill, also in her 80’s, left her daughter well back in the pack; Brian, 80 next birthday, was pleased to be in the running for “oldest bloke walking for Mary’s House”.

With over 250 people registering to walk on the day and about half of those braving the elements, we are very pleased to say that we raised over $15,000 for our Mary’s House families. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Group Of Marys House Walkers
Marys House Walk 2018
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MH Walk 2018
MH Walk 2018
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