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Liz Mackinlay

Update from the Chair

This quarter, we welcome Adjunct Professor Janine Loader to our Board. Janine is the Chief Executive Officer of the Mater Private Hospital on Sydney's North Shore and she brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and wisdom to our Board.  The Mater Private Hospital, a facility of St Vincent's Health, are a special partner to Mary's House, providing a major funding grant to cover our ongoing operational costs and we're grateful for Janine, the Mater and St Vincent's Health commitment to ending violence against women.   At a recent NSWBA Board meeting, I was also confirmed as Chair of the Board for the next 18 months and I continue to be profoundly grateful for the commitment and work of all of the members of the NSWBA Board.

I was pleased to be included on the panel at Time to Act, an event convened by Northside Baptists, following the successful Time to Listen event in 2017. The panel, convened by Pastor Graeme Anderson of Northide Baptist,  was chaired by Julia Baird, who has in recent years undertaken extensive research into domestic violence in faith communities. The aim of these events is to not only start the conversations about domestic violence but to begin action plans for our local churches to act against domestic violence and to support the survivors of it in our congregations.  We heard from a number of organisations and church groups, who already have programs in place - to help both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.  

Mary's House remains 100% community funded and we are blessed with our community support, both through donations, in kind support and volunteers. We are currently seeking some more volunteers for specific roles. Please refer to the article in the newsletter if you are interested in joining the Mary's House family as a volunteer.  Maggy is going from strength to strength as our EO and on behalf of the Board, I want to express our thanks for her considered and energetic leadership of Mary's House.  As I recently stated in an article in St Mark's review, a national theological journal, " Mary’s House is an example of the wonderfulness that community can achieve when it comes together for good" and so thanks to you, our reader, for being part of this journey.

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