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Mummies Paying It Forward

Mummies paying it forward

Mary's House does not operate in isolation. We couldn’t provide our families with this safe haven without support from a whole range of people and organisations.  We like to think of it as the Mary's House family. One member of this family is Mummies Paying it Forward.

Mummies Paying it Forward is a charity, who collect new and good condition used items for mothers and children in need - "From those who have a lot to give to those who are in need".

Mummies was started in 2014 by Fatma Elzein who, despite having four young children of her own and a caring role as a nurse at the Sydney Children's Hospital, felt there was something missing in her life. She soon realised that there were ways she could help others - not all mums could provide their kids with the clothes and toys and other items they needed. Fatma set about collecting these items and redistributing them to charities who directly help those in need. She was soon supported by a small band of volunteers and Mummies now has a veritable army of 17,500 members!

So what do Mummies do for Mary's House? At times, some of our residents arrive with only the clothes on their back. Within 24 hours Mummies have provided clothes for children in these circumstances.  This pack of clothing almost invariably comes with an age appropriate book or other small item for the child. Similarly, as our kids and babies grow, Mummies are there with new sizes, or winter clothes when all they have is summer.

Mummies are also instrumental in ensuring that our children have a wonderful birthday celebration. Age appropriate toys and books are always provided and special requests are met as best they can.

Recently, Mary's House needed a child car seat. Following a phone call to Sue at Mummies, we soon had a brand new car seat which is being used regularly for any babies and toddlers in the house.

Mummies will do their best to meet any requests - especially for our children.

We are very grateful that  Fatma and the Mummies team are  part of the Mary's House family.


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