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Humanity Portraits

Humanity Portraits

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Friday December 1st 6pm-9pm Opening reception
Saturday December 2nd 12:30pm-5pm Midafternoon Extension
ArtSHINE Gallery
3 Blackfriars St, Chippendale NSW 2008

Humanity Portraits are holding a special two day event to display how each woman has a story that is unique. Each portrait illustrates individual strength and that together we can create unity.

These images were taken on a restored Canon Demi S from 1964. The film and camera give a raw and authentic feel to the portraits. Their goal is to promote solidarity among women and our communities. They will be launching the project in Sydney to highlight local womens issues. Their intent with this exhibition is to turn heartache into hope. There is a way to create a safe space for women to regain their strength.   

They have chosen to donate all proceeds from the event to Mary’s House in Sydney.
Join them at the event as they endeavor to create positive change for women.

-Beer and wine will be served at the event. All event donations, sales and event proceeds will be going to Mary’s House.




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